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This has become the most popular anchor as it is light weight and inexpensive with high holding power.It also sets very easily in sand, mud and soft clay.It doesn't set well in hard bottoms or grassy/weedy bottoms.Also it is prone to breaking loose if the angle of pull changes too much then only has average ability to reset itself.



Anchoring your boat securely is one of the most basic skills in boat handling. Learn to set an anchor right, with control and confidence, and we will all sleep easier. Anchoring poorly endangers not only your boat, but also the other boats anchored nearby. So, even if your anchoring technique is good, it is wise to review these tips.

If your anchor has not set securely or you have anchored on foul ground, there is a high chance of the anchor dragging. Even when this happens, an Anchor Buddy anchor weight will give the anchor another chance to dig in as it keeps the chain on the seabed.


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