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Best Anchoring Technique


This has become the most popular anchor as it is light weight and inexpensive with high holding power.It also sets very easily in sand, mud and soft clay.It doesn't set well in hard bottoms or grassy/weedy bottoms.Also it is prone to breaking loose if the angle of pull changes too much then only has average ability to reset itself.


Vicky at the pool in MazatlanThey are still hard to beat overall if you are a recreational boater.I recommend a 1/2 boats length of chain minimum for any anchor system.They also make aluminum models of this anchor these are the highest holding power to weight anchors available.I favour these as a secondary anchor .They are lightweight which is nice if you have to take the dingy to go out and drop your anchor.Also they don't rust and they break down for easy storage .Downsides are they are expensive and because being light they are difficult to set in fast currents as they tend to plane a little.Also because of being lightweight if they break loose they have difficulty resetting themselves.